2 Ticks

Planning in 2 ticks

DataWiki pre-links outcomes to plans. It knows who creates and who receives. Clients for example log things and consultants do them. This simplifies planning to log and click.

Clicking the email takes the assignee to the planned task or entity. Updating progress is easy and tasks can be moved on or delegated. This simplifies performance to log and click.

When Assignee tasks are done, they click 'complete' and everybody is notified. The entity's progressive report is updated. Reporting is one click.

Plan & Grow

DataWiki dynamically identifies who you are and what you do

Apps know this and let you do what you may do

Assignees link to tasks. Tasks link to entities

Entities add tasks and assignees do them

Each does their bit in 2 ticks. Plan & Report or Action & Report