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Affordable . Easy to use . Open Source

Create, import and share office documents and data online.

BS Office co-ordinates, documents, notifies, records and reports while you are out and about.

BS Office doesn't replace anything. It simply creates a searchable super layer on top of, based on, existing content and data.

Owners, staff, clients and suppliers love BS Office. It does their cart & other business online. Access to documents, files and data, created and stored in BS Office, is tightly controlled. It's a file safe.

Policies, Manuals, Product presentations and brochures are easy to create and find.

Documents & Manuals

Client Management

Add clients and suppliers to user groups that define user pages and dahsboards that Log all contacts, messages, correspondence, messages, actions and dates in one place.


Data Management

BS Office structures web page content in a very concise way. This enables you to search specific words and text in pages. You can also save, view and report financial data.


Document Management

BS Office enhances the creation, storage and sharing of documents and files. BS Office addtionaly enables you to combine pages into a pdf manual. It also controls access to uploaded files, docs and pdf's


Content Management

Content Management controls content content and the creation of the content container, i.e. web page. Office effects fine grained control on the creation, editing, publishing and viewing of web page content and data.


Task Management

Our network runs the latest stable and secure versions of PHP & MySQL. We also implement strict security and firewall rules protecting your website from unwanted visitors 24/7.


Management Portal

BS Office's ability to split content into spaces e.g. content, office and private, enables you to create fenced self help knowledge stores and guides.

Hosting Plans

What is BS Office?

BS Office is an online office and back office.
It stores content and data in the semantic web.
It's Visual Editor creates, formats and saves text as web pages for you. Web data integrated into web documents, lists and reports updates dynamically.
No cut & paste.

Get it all - All in one - Online BS Office.

What does it cost?

Hosting costs R19.99 per email p.m.
T&C apply



Monthly Plan

  • 10 GB Storage
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Email Addresses

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Monthly Plan

  • 25 GB Storage
  • 25 GB Bandwidth
  • 25 Email Addresses

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